West Virginia and Alabama Enact OT Compact

On March 8, 2022, West Virginia and Alabama became the 11th and 12th states to join the Occupational Therapy Compact.  Gov. Jim Justice of West Virginia and Gov. Kay Ivey of Alabama signed West Virginia Senate Bill 221 and Alabama Senate Bill 167.

Now that more than 10 states have passed the Compact, member states can begin work to establish the interstate commission and officially convene the first meeting to draft the rules and bylaws of the Compact. ​Once the commissioners agree upon rules and establish a method by which Compact member states can share information, states will be able to grant Compact licenses and individuals residing in those states will be able to take advantage of the benefits the Compact offers.

The first OT Compact Commission meeting is expected to take place in summer 2022. The startup process typically takes 12 – 16 months, so the Commission could begin issuing privileges as soon as mid-2023.