Committee Information

Commissioners interested in joining a committee (except Executive Committee, which is an elected position) should email In addition to commissioners, others affiliated with state boards can join committees in a non-voting capacity.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is empowered to act on behalf of the Commission between Commission meetings, except for rulemaking or amendment of the Compact.

ChairLesly JamesSC
Vice ChairTeri BlackWI
TreasurerDanielle WardNC
SecretaryRenee Causey-UptonKY
Member-at-LargeMissy AnthonyOH
Member-at-LargeVanessa BeauchampMO
Member-at-LargeDaniel MartinMD
Ex-officio delegateChuck WillmarthAOTA
Ex-officio delegateShaun ConwayNBCOT

Meeting information here.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee provides financial oversight and ensures the Commission is operating within its budget and is developing financial resources to achieve its purposes.

Danielle Ward – ChairNC
Missy AnthonyOH
Vonda MalnikoffWV
Hollie SimpsonTN

Meeting information here.

Rules Committee

The Rules Committee develops compact rules, bylaw amendments, and policies for consideration by the Commission and for implementation by the states. It also reviews existing rules and recommends changes to the Commission.

Michael Sobowale, ChairVA
Nate BrownCO
Teri BlackWI
Ann CosbyAL
Claire Covert-ByBeeNE
Adrienne PriceGA
Vanessa BeauchampMO

Meeting information here.

Compliance Committee

The Compliance Committee monitors member states’ compliance with the compact and its rules.

Missy AnthonyOH
Vanessa BeauchampMO
Nicole HarrisWY
Adrienne PriceGA
Michael SobowaleVA
Danielle WardNC

The compliance committee is not yet meeting regularly.

Training, PR, & Communications Committee

The Training, PR, & Communications Committee handles the general communication needs of the compact, including communication with new commissioners, administrators, the public, and the media. This includes presentations, press releases, website updates, and other forms of communication.

Chris Daly, ChairAZ
Olivia FreemanNH
Lesly JamesSC
Kathryn LoukasME
Kathy WeedWA
Missy AnthonyOH

Meeting information here.

Elections & Nominations Committee

The Elections & Nominations Committee works to ensure the full commission election process runs smoothly, from providing information to the commission to collecting candidate nominations and tallying election results.

Renee Causey-UptonKY
Danielle WardNC

The Elections & Nominations Committee is not yet meeting regularly.